Saturday, October 15, 2011


"India-Vietnam joint work  must be halted" is the title of an editorial on the Global Times - an  official mouthpiece of the Communist Party of China on  its issue of  Nov.14, 2011. 

I think, it is not just a headline but a threat. Inside the article contains may words of threatening not only to India and Vietnam but also other nations concerned . It makes sense that any reader can see the absurdity when a country gives itself the right to interfere  in the external relations of other nations.  It is so negative itself  by causing doubts about the goodwill, if any, of   the heads of the Chinese Party and State  just expressed  to the people of Vietnam and the world during the ongoing high-level visit of the Vietnamese Secretary General  Nguyen Phu  Trong. 

I wonder if the author of this editorial as well as Beijing leaders could  foresee the consequences of this type of  propaganda or not (?) Just read some comments full of extremist nationalism and war-like passion below this article we will see how dangerous it  has caused. 
You can read the original aditorial and comments via thislink:

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